Interictal Epileptiform Discharges and HFO detected in intraoperative electrocorticography using neuromorphing computing

Filippo Costa, Johannes Sarnthein, Giacomo Indiveri, and colleagues designed a modular spiking neural network in a neuromorphic device with heterogeneous silicon neurons, that remotely detects epileptiform discharges and high-frequency oscillations in intraoperative ECoG during epilepsy surgery in real-time.


Costa F, Schaft E, Huiskamp G, Aarnoutse E, Van’t Klooster M, Krayenbühl N, Ramantani G, Zijlmans M, Indiveri G, Sarnthein J

Robust compression and detection of epileptiform patterns in ECoG using a real-time spiking neural network hardware framework Journal Article

In: Nature Communications, vol. 15, no. 1, pp. 3255, 2024.

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