Our multicenter protocol for HFO evaluation is now published in Brain Communications

Our recent protocol has now been published in Brain Communications as a registered report. This study aims at evaluating the high-frequency oscillations as a predictor of seizure outcome in ~250 epilepsy patients. This is a joint effort of nine epilepsy centers, namely University Hospital Zurich/Schweizerisches Epilepsie Klinik (CH), Mc Gill University (CA), University of Michigan (US), University of Calgary (CA), Cook Children’s Health Care System (US), St Anne University Hospital of Brno (CZ), Mayo Clinic (US), Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals (US) and UMC Utrecht (NL).  The planned study may advance the clinical relevance and the generalizability of HFO as an essential next step for using them in the clinical practice. 


Dimakopoulos V, Gotman J, Stacey W, Ellenrieder N, Jacobs J, Papadelis C, Cimbalnik J, Worrell G, Sperling MR, Zijlmans M, Imbach L, Frauscher B, Sarnthein J

Protocol for multicentre comparison of interictal high-frequency oscillations as a predictor of seizure freedom Journal Article

In: Brain Communications, vol. 4, iss. 3, 2022, ISSN: 2632-1297.

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