HFO Zurich's member Karla Burelo is awarded a PhD with distinction

HFO Zurich proudly announces that Karla Burelo’s PhD thesis was awarded with distinction by faculty of science (MNF), University of Zurich! Her PhD thesis was entitled “Automatic Detection of High Frequency Oscillations (HFO) with Spiking Neural Networks“. During her PhD, she was a member of Zurich Neuroscience Center (ZNZ), Insitute of Neuroinformatics, University of Zurich (INI) and HFO Zurich.  Karla as member of HFO Zurich published articles in prestigious and high-impact journals under the supervision of Prof. Johannes Sarnthein and Prof. Giacomo Indiveri. Read below her contributions or watch this video where she explains how she detected HFO with spiking neural networks.
Congratulations Karla!  

Karla's Publications:


Burelo K, Sharifshazileh M, Indiveri G, Sarnthein J

Automatic Detection of High-Frequency Oscillations With Neuromorphic Spiking Neural Networks Journal Article

In: Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol. 16, 2022.

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Burelo K, Ramantani G, Indiveri G, Sarnthein J

A neuromorphic spiking neural network detects epileptic high frequency oscillations in the scalp EEG Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 1, 2022.

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Sharifshazileh M, Burelo K, Sarnthein J, Indiveri G

An electronic neuromorphic system for real-time detection of high frequency oscillations (HFO) in intracranial EEG Journal Article

In: Nature Communications, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 3095, 2021.

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Burelo K, Sharifshazileh M, Krayenbühl N, Ramantani G, Indiveri G, Sarnthein J

A spiking neural network (SNN) for detecting high frequency oscillations (HFOs) in the intraoperative ECoG Journal Article

In: Scientific Reports, vol. 11, no. 1, pp. 6719, 2021.

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Sharifshazileh M, Burelo K, Fedele T, Sarnthein J, Indiveri G

A Neuromorphic Device for Detecting High-Frequency Oscillations in Human iEEG Proceedings


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